Selected Publications

Mixability theory and interaction-based evolution: 

Livnat, A., Papadimitriou, C., Dushoff, J. and Feldman, M. W. A mixability theory for the role of sex in evolution. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, 105:19803-808, 2008.

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Livnat, A. Simplification, innateness, and the absorption of meaning from context: How novelty arises from gradual network evolution. Evolutionary Biology, 44:145-89, 2017.

Vasylenko, L., Feldman, M. W. , Papadimitriou, C. and Livnat, A. Sex: The power of randomization. Theoretical Population Biology, 129:41-53, 2019.

Other selected publications in evolutionary theory and at the interface of evolution and computation: 

Livnat, A. and Pippenger, N. An optimal brain can be composed of conflicting agents. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA,103:3198-202, 2006.

Livnat, A., Pacala, S. W. and Levin, S. A. The evolution of intergenerational discounting in offspring quality. The American Naturalist, 165:311-21, 2005

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